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Walkies of Aylesbury Pet Services Terms and Conditions

Use of the services provided by Walkies of Aylesbury Pet Services will be deemed in acceptance of the following terms and conditions. The business reserves the right to consider changes and increase pricing in these terms.

The company will ensure that data regarding its clients is strictly kept confidential unless otherwise agreed.

We agree to provide services as outline by the client including the care of your pets and any other animals within your home, plants and other specific requests previously arranged and outlined within an email, quote or invoice.

We will charge for services as quoted and a non refundable deposit of 25% of the total sum due is payable on completion of your booking. Should you return early from the original outlined booking full payment is still required.

Fuel costs for a 5 mile radius of HP19 0WG is accounted for within our standard rates, any visits outside this 5 mile radius will be charged an extra 50p per mile.


The client is responsible for settling their invoice for services 5 days prior to the commencement of the agreed start date if services are booked at short notice the client agrees to settle the payment on the date outlined for that visit.

Where services are required on a long-term basis clients are able to make payment on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis all invoices will be issued accordingly and settlement of payment is required within 5 days.

Where services are provided on a monthly basis Walkies of Aylesbury requires 1 calendar months notice if you wish to cease your monthly agreement.

Where payment is not received within the above time Walkies of Aylesbury reserves the right to cease any further agreements with the client.

Cancellation should be notified to Walkies of Aylesbury as soon as you are aware the services are no longer required. Please see below the notice period and fees that are applicable.
Less than 24 hours of the agreed start date full payment is required.
Within 3-7 days of the agreed start date 50% payment is required to be settled at the time of cancellation.
Within 8-14 days of the agreed start date your fees will be refunded not including the 25% non refundable deposit.
Bank Holidays also incur additional fees which you will be advised of at time of booking.
Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or cash only.


Walkies of Aylesbury is fully insured with Pet Business Insurance.
Walkies of Aylesbury ask’s that the client takes full responsibility to ensure that the property, contents, and the pets have adequate insurance and agree to settle any payments that Walkies may have incurred whilst they are away due to any emergency situations.
Walkies of Aylesbury cannot accept any liability for the loss or injury to any pet.


The company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of business and in doing so will post notification of changes on the website so all clients should regularly check for any changes.

Once our pet care forms have been completed it is the clients responsibility to email us or request a new care form with any changes in feeding or care requirements if this doesn’t happen we cannot be held responsible for not implementing these.
We aim to arrive at your home at the agreed time of your walk/visit but due to the nature of the business we cannot always guarantee this so please leave a 1 and a half hour window either side of your agreed time slot for us to complete your visit. If we cannot achieve this due to an emergency we will ensure your dog is provided with suitable arrangements (ie x2 smaller visits or provide a shorter visit and reimburse you for this time on another day). This is done to ensure that all the animals under our care receive the best quality care at the time they need this.

Photos are taken of your pets and will be messaged to you. Walkies of Aylesbury will be permitted to post these photos on the business Facebook and website pages unless you state otherwise. These photos will only ever be shared upon you returning from your holiday for safety reasons.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that "Every dog while on a public highway or place of public resort must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on it, or a plate or badge attached to it". Failure to do this will result in the walk beingccancelled for that day.

Any owners that require their dogs to be exercised off-lead MUST sign the disclaimer form. Walkies of Aylesbury will not be liable for any injury, theft or disappearance of a dog or dogs during a walk unless we are seen to be negligent.

All clients must provide either a suitable collar or a harness for their dogs to be exercised with. Any wear and tear to the harness will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

If your pet becomes unwell during any of our services your pet will be taken for veterinary treatment unless otherwise stated. You are solely responsible for any fees that occur from veterinary treatment. In an emergency if your own vet is not able to provide an appointment to see your pet, Walkies of Aylesbury will look for other veterinary practices who can.

Walkies of Aylesbury will not be liable for any injury, disappearance or death of any cat, small pet, or any birds that have access to the outdoors whilst completing the booking.

Walkies of Aylesbury will not be held liable for any theft or damage to your property or illness/injury to your pet unless we can be shown to be negligent.

Walkies of Aylesbury will not be liable for any indoor cat that bolts out of the door upon entry to the property at the start of a visit. Please ensure all extra precautions are in place to prevent this happening.

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